We hope that CONTRACurricular can become a repository of information, documentation, and other resources to support the development of the alternative arts education ecosystem.

We welcome submissions of any kind for inclusion here and in future publications. Please get in touch if you would like to share writing, images, audio, or anything else. We would be delighted to work with you to present your contributions in a suitable way.

New commissions

These texts were commissioned for the CONTRACurricular national summit, and were included in the print programme.

  • ask for / everything by Lotte L.S. explores autonomous spaces and grassroots organising in the contexts of Great Yarmouth and cities across Argentina.
  • Art School as Liberation Rehearsal by Amahra Spence introduces MAIA, an alternative arts establishment in Birmingham, and its place in the lineage of Black liberation movements.
  • If the World Was a Song by Rose Higham-Stainton records a night of karaoke in the pubs of Yarmouth, and considers the ways in which this hyper-local obsession follows the tenets of decentralisation.


This section includes documentation from the national summit and the preparatory Razing The Agenda event, alongside supporting texts.

originalprojects; works with contemporary artists and communities in Great Yarmouth, co-creating ambitious objects, experiences and developmental activities that respond to the place and people, building relationships for a sustainable future.

Established in 2016, originalprojects; have developed a distinctive approach to working with artists in a range of local communities to explore relationships between generosity, creativity and place. Our projects unlock creative opportunities supporting everyone to learn new skills, build confidence and thrive through experiencing sustainable and pioneering great art.

From our home in one of the UK's 'Priority Places', originalprojects; is making culture for everyone. To find out more about our work, visit our website.


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